Mar 8, 2019
I honestly cannot say enough positive things about my attorney, his staff and this firm. My attorney was so knowledgeable, and he and his staff so effective and professional, that the outcome of my case was exactly what I had hoped for, but far better than I expected. Once I had put my case into this team's hands, they took care of every aspect of my case, including elements I had not considered. After years of extreme stress from the circumstances of my case, I expected the duration of the case to be even more stressful, but I was thankfully wrong! This firm made the whole experience simple and effortless for me, and the actual process was not one bit unpleasant. They were wonderfully responsive, and I always felt valued and "heard". I very much appreciated that my attorney and his staff were straightforward with me and realistic goals and outcomes were discussed with me in an understandable manner, early in our work together. I have already recommended this firm to multiple people; it's about time I wrote a review! -E. Betsch
Feb 16, 2019

They made an incredibly stressful situation manageable. They treated me with kindness, understanding, and consideration for the stressful situation I was in. I would definitely recommend you go here for your bankruptcy. They'll treat you like a person and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Dec 28, 2018
Mr. Minillo and his staff served with competency, efficiency and kindness that provided confidence and meaningful closure. -MG
Jan 11, 2016

"If we had not contacted Minnillo and Jenkins based on the advice of my Sister who knew PJ Minnillo and David Gast, the outcome of our case would certainly not have been the same."

Oct 6, 2015
"At some point during our process, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Minnillo and Ms. Simons were involved in working with my husband and myself."
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