Divorce AttorneyIn a divorce, the court ends a marriage based on grounds, such as incompatibility or gross neglect of duty. A divorce action begins with the filing of a Complaint for Divorce by one of the parties. An uncontested divorce happens when the spouses resolve all differences before the case goes to trial. If the parties do not agree on all the issues, then there will be a hearing or a trial and the Court (the Judge or the Magistrate) will ultimately make those decisions. However, at any time during the divorce process the parties reach an agreement, you will only need to attend the final merits hearing to make your agreement a court order.

After all that you have been through emotionally, you deserve peace of mind. You will get that peace of mind, knowing that your legal affairs are being handled by a caring lawyer, according to your wishes. Our attorney-client relationship will be based on trust. You can trust us to work hard, every day, in your best interests.

How long does a divorce take?
It is different for everyone. Some divorces take longer than others depending on different circumstances, for example, if children are involved or if it is necessary to go to trial. It is impossible to give an exact answer but Tim Morris can provide you with more information in a free consultation.

What is the cost of a divorce?
The cost of representation for a divorce can vary depending on your specific situation. We offer free consultations so that we can more fully understand your issues and give you a fee for services that is reflective of the work to be provided.