Dissolution Attorney CincinnatiA marriage ending by dissolution follows a swifter and more predictable course than one ending by divorce. In a dissolution, the couples achieve a termination of their marriage by agreeing on all the details of the termination, including division of property, spousal support, parental rights and responsibilities. In short, dissolution ends a marriage by mutual consent. In dissolution actions, a hearing is held around 30 or 45 days after the initial filing of the action.

Although dissolution seems to be less stressful than a divorce, we understand that dissolution is still the termination of a marriage, which is an extremely personal and emotional issue. Our caring staff and attorneys are here to help.

Can you go from a divorce to dissolution?
Yes. If both parties agree to come to a mutual compromise then it could be possible to file dissolution instead of divorce.

What is the cost of a dissolution?
Typically a dissolution fee is presented as a flat fee. The amount of that fee depends on your specific situation. We offer free consultations so that attorney Tim Morris can determine the full services that will be involved and give a respectable fee quote. We do offer payment plans with half of the fee down and then payment agreements can be worked out for the remainder of the fees.