Cincinnati Adoption AttorneyAdoption, including step-parent adoption, can be one of the proudest moments for a new parent. Make sure your adoption is squared away so you can enjoy the beauty of being a parent. Consent is always a big issue in any adoption case and it is imperative you have the right documentation to convey that consent.

Common questions that our adoption attorney can assist you with include:

  • What rights does the biological father have or not have?
  • What if we want to do an open adoption - how can I protect myself and my family?
  • How do I obtain the birth mother's consent if I don't know where she is?

In some households the grandparents may be tending to the children due to an absent parent. Our family law attorney can walk you through the necessary steps to gain visitation rights or even custody of the child.

What does legal representation in an adoption case cost?
The fee in these types of cases can either be a per hour fee with a retainer or a flat fee depending on the extent of the issues. Tim Morris offers free consultations to evaluate your specific needs and give you a legal fee quote to match your needs.