Commercial Disputes Law

Commercial Disputes LawyerAttorneys who practice in this area: Christian A. Jenkins

In business and commercial transactions, disputes are bound to arise. We understand that in many cases commercial disputes are a distraction of time and resources from the business of your business. For this reason, we approach business disputes as problems to be solved in order for companies to get back to business. Hiring the right legal representation can be as vital to a business as identifying a competitive advantage in a given market. Indeed, choosing the right firm to handle your commercial disputes is, in many ways, a strategic business decision. Here at Minnillo & Jenkins, we are invested in providing the utmost care and precision when advising our clients in commercial matters. Bottom line, your time is too valuable to do otherwise. Our attorneys have experience in many areas of business law including:

  • Creation, Organization, Liquidation, Sale of Commercial Entities
  • Commercial Leasing disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Unfair Competition and Deceptive Practices Claims
  • Debt Collection
  • Commercial Bankruptcy & Reorganization
  • State & Federal Regulatory Considerations
  • Public Contracting & Bidding Disputes

We also recognize that business cases are sometimes brought reasons that have nothing to do with the merits of the claims. For example, a contractor unable to pay may sue its vendor to buy time or a discount on its outstanding bill. Or the purchaser of a business may sue the seller alleging misrepresentation to avoid making the final payment on the purchase. We have defended such claims on numerous occasions. If you are on the receiving end of such an action, you can trust that we will work efficiently to cut through baseless allegations and dispose of the matter in a cost-effective way.