Business attorneys help steer your business legal

Business Lawyer CincinnatiSales are up. Your employee pool is increasing. More customers are at the door. Your business is growing.

That’s the good news….

But a growing business demands more and more of your time to operate. And as your business grows, so too does the size and complexity of the legal issues it will face. As you forge new business relationships, you need workable business contracts to govern and manage those relationships. As your employee pool grows, you need fair and consistent policymaking and enforcement to address the thorny personnel issues that will inevitably emerge. When the government auditors come knocking, you need sound record keeping to show that your business has strictly complied with the statutes and regulations specific to your industry.

Utilizing the experience gained working as in-house counsel for a large national corporation, Jim Ludwig can provide the legal assistance your business needs. From business contracts to employee relations to governmental compliance and beyond, Jim can help navigate your business through the legal minefield while you keep focus on what you love….watching your business grow.

Here are several areas where a business attorney can help:

  • Negotiating leases for location of business operations
  • Managing renovations or buildouts
  • Addressing human resource needs and employee issues
  • Negotiating new business deals
  • Enforcing existing contracts
  • Defending bogus claims by third parties
  • Collecting old debts
  • Ensuring compliance with industry-specific laws and statutes
  • Resolving any ongoing disputes

Attorneys who practice in this area: James D. Ludwig, Christian A. Jenkins