May 6, 2015
What Is Your Reason for Wanting to get a Divorce?
Divorce AttorneyWhat is your reason for wanting a divorce? Remember when getting a divorce was equivalent to getting a scarlet letter tattooed on your forehead?
Even today, the older generations can’t imagine what would drive someone so out-of-love with another to inspire them to get a divorce.  For some, making the decision to file for divorce is not easy. And for others, when comes down to it, it was one of the easiest decisions they ever made. Sometimes people ask, well what is the most common reason for divorce or is my reasoning for wanting a divorce a sound reason.

Attorney Tim Morris focuses his practice on domestic relations and handles divorces on a daily basis. He says that by the time the prospective client comes to him, he or she simply just can’t stand their spouse anymore. It is a myriad of issues that pile up and start to poke holes in the bubble of marriage.

Anthony D’Ambrosio of the Asbury Park (N.J.) Press points out what he believes are the 5 reasons marriages don’t work anymore (read more here): lack of sex, finances, lack of face-to-face communication, our need for attention from the outside world, and the interruption of social media. Tim Morris agrees that some kind of disagreement about finances is the key issue in most of the divorces he sees daily. Someone just isn’t pulling their weight, whether it is financially, emotionally, or physically. That prospective client just isn’t satisfied with the situation they are in with their spouse.

Regardless of your reason for why YOU think you need or want a divorce, it is your decision and your divorce attorney should back you up 100%. It is not your divorce attorney’s job to validate your reasons for a divorce. A good divorce attorney will listen to your issues and stand in your corner of the ring with you and fight till the end.