Apr 9, 2016
Bengals Cheerleader Settlement Average Payment 5000
The settlement for the Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders brought an average cheerleader payment exceeding $5,000.

On January 27, 2016, the Cincinnati Bengals issued checks to all of the women who worked as cheerleaders during the 2011, 2012 and 2013 football seasons pursuant to a settlement approved by the Court in late 2015.  The cheerleaders alleged that the Bengals violated federal and state minimum wage laws when the team paid only $90 per football game to cheerleaders, and nothing for practices and charitable events.  The complaint alleged that, as a result of this compensation practice, the amount received by cheerleaders amounted to approximately $2.35 per hour.  The Bengals denied that they did anything wrong, but they changed their compensation practices in 2014.  Under the terms of the settlement, each cheerleader received a payment based on the number of seasons that she cheered, with the average check exceeding $5,000.  Several similar suits have been brought (Read more here), and some have settled while others have not.  However, unlike some other settlements of wage and hour cases for professional cheerleaders, this settlement does not require individual class members to make a claim or do anything to participate.  As a result, each cheerleader received her check.  Minnillo & Jenkins is proud to have been co-lead counsel in this litigation.